Eradain is a fantasy role playing campaign world. I was a fan of Tolkien at a young age and I have had a ravenous appetite for fantasy fiction ever since. Eradain is my own dreaming ground. The website of Eradain is a method of organizing my writings and ideas into something useable, primarily for Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons in particular), but also for story writing and general daydreaming.

Temporal Displacement – Information provided about Eradain in these pages may be only be relevant or accurate during certain times in the land’s history. A city or a people referenced may only exist during one epoch of history.


Current D&D Campaign Intro History

Eradain is an ancient land of mystery and forgotten magic. In ages past, before man or elf ever set foot upon her shores, Eradain was the home of beings now called the Ancients. Unknown millennia ago the ancients vanished, leaving behind shattered ruins and great structures that are still in use to this day. Also left behind by the Ancients was their magic. Magic they imbued into the very stones and still potent after all this time. Many temples and arcane schools are founded on some remnant structure or fragment of their forgotten lore. Along with these wonders there are also dark places in the land. Places of dread that attract evil, where even normal creatures can become twisted into vicious abominations known as Formoi.

After the time of the Ancients, new peoples have come to Eradain successive waves. Even the elves have no records and few tales from those early times and peoples such as the early Ang, Vols and other humans have all but faded from memory.

Most of the earliest known human histories begin with the Migrations of the Harad, an epoch lasting over 600 years. This tale tells of the arrival of the Harad peoples and their separation into the Harad of the south, the Angharad of the west, the Khorharad of the north and the Sarharad of the east. The epoch just passed called The Nations of the Harad tells of the growth of the Harad peoples from small tribes and settlements into cities and nations.

The current epoch is called The Burning. A new wave of invaders has come to Eradain, the Danrae. The Danrae are the remnants of a people who have wandered strange and dark seas for decades since the destruction of their homeland, and now they intend to make Eradain their new home. In the eight decades since their arrival they have grown in strength and conquered the Sarharad of the Veran River. Among the Angharad, the Danrae are little more than rumors and tall tales about foreign lands.

Among the Angharad of the Dathi Forest in Rhan Fionn, the recent death of Elorka the 8th Queen of Clan Fionn has placed an untested young Queen as head of the Clan. It is now midsummer, Year 82 of The Burning, and Rhan Fionn is hosting the Festival of Litha, where participants from around the land to compete in trials to become members of the Fianna. The Fianna are honored ‘free warriors’ serving no single Clan but dedicated to the protection of all the Angharad.

Joining the Fianna provides autonomy and the opportunity to seek fame and fortune.

Angharad Campaign Introduction