WordPress is not for Eradain

I set up this site as a test bed for transferring my fantasy world web site from its current HTML format into something that could be more easily edited from any browser or my phone, where I could inter-link subjects (articles/posts or pages) easily and also have access control options (for private ‘DM’s eyes only material).  The idea was to expand my world’s knowledge base in a shareable format and give me something where I could work anytime the mood suited me, on the train, riding in the car, at my mother-in-law’s house…

WordPress has many options for themes and checks off most of the boxes for what I was looking for, but the lack of more powerful text editing tools and in particular the lack of any tables means it has fatal flaws for me.  They could be worked around possibly with plug-ins (which might only be viable if I installed WP on my domain server, otherwise obtaining plug-ins for the WP hosted options is crazy expensive for a private user) or by using other products to provide the table html coding to paste, but by the time I put that much effort into it, I would not be any better off than I am with just continuing to do it in html.

I will continue to look into other options, perhaps a wiki or something else.

I will leave the wordpress version up for another month or so and then close it down.

Thank you.