Corsani Religion

Naoto (NOW’ toh) – “The Unbroken Arrow” (Lawful Neutral)

The Great Hunter, it is Naoto’s duty to hunt the great beast Goro Goro. He hunts the great beast at night because at that time, Goro Goro is not held at bay by the power of the Sun Princess, whom Naoto loves. When San Mei wakes from her slumber each day to shine her protective light on Corsan, Naoto is finally given respite from his hunt and rests so that his strength is renewed to fight another day. God of Hunters and Nature. Typical Followers: Hunters, Rangers, Woodland Creatures.

Priests of Naoto have access to the following domains:

  • War (?)
  • Plant
  • Travel
  • Strength

Goro Goro – “The Terror of Night” (Chaotic Evil)

Speculation has it that Goro Goro may not be a god as much as just a pure force of destruction and chaos. The great beast threatens all order and lawfulness. It is constantly fleeing from the power of San Mei and from the vigilant bow of the Unbroken Arrow, but even as it flees these two powerful gods, Goro Goro leaves a path of destruction in his wake. God of Beasts, Chaos and Rebellion. Typical followers: Lycanthropes, evil Warriors.

Clerics of Goro Goro have access to the following domains:

  • Chaos
  • Evil
  • Destruction
  • Animal

San Mei (sahn MAY’) – “The Sun Princess” (Lawful Good)

Radiantly beautiful, the Sun Princess wears her glorious Crown of Light and gives light and protection to all the Corsani people. Each evening the goddess’ strength begins to wane and she must rest to recuperate her strength. It is the light from her great Crown that keeps the beast Goro Goro at bay so that he is forced to move on his destructive path only during the night time. San Mei is always sad though because her duty constantly separates her from Naoto, her love. Goddess of Sun, Good and Protection. Typical followers: Commoners and Farmers, Paladins, all who seek protection.

Clerics of San Mei have access to the following domains:

  • Sun
  • Good
  • Law
  • Protection

Chiaki (chee AH’ kee) – “The Strong Tide” (Chaotic Good)

Chiaki is the mother of sister goddesses San Mei and Tatsumakiko, and also the Brothers of Thunder. She rules over the oceans and water, where it is believed that all life was originally created. Legend also has it that the strain of giving birth to Ken and Ryu was too much for Chiaki and drove her somewhat insane. Because of this, she remains mostly aloof from the more common struggles amongst the gods and so say the legends: can frequently be seen standing on the shores of a remote beach casting her fishing net aimlessly into the waters. Goddess of Water, Change, and Luck. Typical followers: Fisherman and Sailors.

Clerics of Chiaki have access to the following domains:

  • Water
  • Luck
  • Chaos

Ken and Ryu (KEN’ and ROO’) – “The Brothers of Thunder” (Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Neutral)

These two twins wrestle with each other eternally. Diametrically opposed upon the axis of Law and Chaos, Ken insists that true power comes in being able to give Law to Chaos and shape matter and the forces of nature to his will. Ryu on the other hand insists that true power is the ability to disrupt the natural order of things and holds high the acts of creation and destruction. The brothers’ philosophical struggle is also a physical struggle for they fight constantly whenever together. It is this fighting that is said to be the source of all magic in Corsan. Twin Gods of Magic and Energy. Typical followers: Magic users, Scholars.

Clerics of Ken and Ryu have access to the following domains:

  • Magic
  • Law (Ken), Chaos (Ryu)
  • Fire

Sheiko Ranmei (SHAY koh RON may) – “Mistress of Earthly Delights” (Neutral Evil)

A true harlot, Sheiko revels in all that is fitting for pleasing one’s self. Her self-centeredness and never ending desire has rotted her heart. While she is indeed evil to the core, she very seldom concerns herself in the affairs of other unless there is powerful and near immediate potential for her to satisfy some need of hers for pleasure or gain. Goddess of Pleasure, Indulgence and Opulence. Typical followers: Seekers of Self, the Wealthy

Clerics of Sheiko Ranmei have access to the following domains:

  • Earth
  • Trickery
  • Evil

Giza (GEE zuh) – “The Spirit of Wisdom” (True Neutral)

Giza is a wandering god, who roams the length of Corsan in his quest for knowledge. Many have claimed to have met him on the road, or perhaps even traveled with him, though such stories are often made up, or are perhaps the byproduct of a clever cult-leader who has decided to feed off of such rumors and establishes himself as actually being an incarnation of Giza. God of Wisdom, Learning and Discipline. Typical followers: Sages, Scholars, sometimes Monks.

Clerics of Giza have access to the following domains:

  • Knowledge
  • Travel

Tatsumakiko (tots MAH kee koh) – “The End of all Travels” (Lawful Evil)

Tatsumakiko fell in love with the Unbroken Arrow, Naoto. Upon learning that Naoto’s love truly belonged to her younger sister San Mei, the End of all Travels grew bitter with jealousy and hatred. It was the powerful force of her hatred actually that created the Terror of Night: Goro Goro. The beast. Bitter and vengeful until the end of time, Tatsumakiko gains some degree of satisfaction knowing that her jealousy created the very beast that keeps San Mei and Naoto apart. Goddess of Death, Entropy, and Judgement. Typical followers: Necromancers, death-obsessed, evil Warriors.

Clerics of Tatsumakiko have access to the following domains:

  • Death
  • Evil
  • Law
  • Strength

Umeishan (OO may shan) – “Maiden of Song” (Neutral Good)

Umeishan is the wife of Giza, the Traveller. She is completely and totally stricken with love for the knowledge-seeker and devotes nearly every moment she can to crafting or perfecting some art form, musical piece, sonnet or poem that she can dedicate to him and to her love for him. Only slightly saddened by his constant traveling, legends say that the beautiful Maiden of Song will travel to a person’s home which is on the path that Giza takes. When the two gods make love in the home of their hosts, it is their lovemaking that causes a child to be conceived between the male and female host couple. Goddess of Love, the Arts and Song. Typical followers: Lovers, Bards and Artists.

Clerics of Umeishan have access to the following domains:

  • Good
  • Healing
  • Luck