Forests and Trees

Notes – add existing information about the special trees that grow in the forests, such as Ironwood/Darkwood, etc.

Legend of the Blood Wood/aka The Roaming Forest

Inspiration from The Roaming Forest by Michael Moorcock

Green skinned woad painted Picts who have been enslaved by the forest/or granted something to collect blood for the seed, which lies underground at the heart.  The forest moves and collects more servants and blood when it needs.  “For centuries now I have lived on bloodberries, sap and dew.  But those warriors are kept alive by moonlight and when the moon is dark they must seek … the great barrow.” “They guard and feed the Seed and for this they are repaid with a form of life.”  “Few of those villagers lived.  They became the most recent Feast of Blood.”  “That is how quickly the forest grows when it has blood to feed it.”  “…damp, footy soil and ordure…”