Copyright Information

“To steal the ideas from one person is called plagiarism; to steal the ideas from many is called research” -Source Unknown

I have done a lot of ‘research’ to create this website and the world of Eradain. I have made use of clip art, images and other resources from the Internet. I have also drawn from, or been influenced by authors I have read and role-playing materials I have purchased. Where possible, I have given credit where credit is due by listing references or providing links to the source of the material used.  In addition I have a bibliography section referencing authors who’s stories have inspired me, and which I highly recommend reading.

If anything I have used belongs to you and has not been properly noted, please contact me so I can give the appropriate credit or remove the material.

I in turn offer Eradain freely for private usage for role-playing campaigns, story writing/telling and the like, all I ask is that I am credited. No commercial reproduction or sale of Eradain is authorized.

Eradain © 1995-2017 Keith Paxton, creator of the World of Eradain.