Copyright Information

“To steal the ideas from one person is called plagiarism; to steal the ideas from many is called research” -Source Unknown

I have done a lot of ‘research’ to create this website and the world of Eradain. I have made use of clip art, images and other resources from the Internet. I have also drawn from, or been influenced by authors I have read and role-playing materials I have purchased. Where possible, I have given credit where credit is due by listing references or providing links to the source of the material used.  In addition I have a bibliography section referencing authors who’s stories have inspired me, and which I highly recommend reading.

If anything I have used belongs to you and has not been properly noted, please contact me so I can give the appropriate credit or remove the material.

I in turn offer Eradain freely for private usage for role-playing campaigns, story writing/telling and the like, all I ask is that I am credited. No commercial reproduction or sale of Eradain is authorized.

Eradain © 1995-2017 Keith Paxton, creator of the World of Eradain.


Inspirational Authors
An incomplete list of authors who have inspired me, and have helped to make the world of Eradain come alive. If you are interested in reading fiction (primarily fantasy), I highly recommend any of these authors….

Lackey, Mercedes -Heralds of Valdemar Series

Tolkien, J.R.R -Middle Earth Books

Cook, Glen -The Black Company

Mckiernan, Dennis L. -The Mithgar Series

Weber, David – Honor Harrington Series

Roberson, Jennifer – Cheysuli Series

King, Stephen – The Dark Tower Series

C.S Forester – Hornblower Saga

H. P. Lovecraft

Hambly, Barbara – Sun Wolf and Starhawk (and many others)

Weeks, Brent – Night Angel Series

McCullough, Kelly – Fallen Blade Series

Gwynne, John – The Faithful and the Fallen Series

Campbell, Jack – The Lost Fleet (and others)

Kurtz, Katherine – Deryni Series

Modesitt, L.E. Jr. – Recluse and Imager Series

Brust, Steven

Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpe Series, Saxon Tales Series

Jordan, Robert – The Wheel of Time

Ballantine, Philippa – The Oder Series

Bishop, Anne – Black Jewels Series

Briggs, Patricia – Sianim Series

Feist, Raymond E. – Midkemia Series

Wurts, Janny – The Empire Trilogy (Midkemia)

Kemp, Paul S. – Egil & Nix

Lawrence, Mark – The Broken Empire Series

Leiber, Fritz – Lankhmar Series

Martin, George R. R. – A Song of Ice and Fire

Salvatore, R. A. – Drizzt books and many others

Smylie, Mark – The Barrow

Moorcock, Michael – Elric Saga and more

Howard, Robert E. – Conan and others

Wagner, Karl Edward – Books of Kane and others

Stover, Matthew – Heroes Die

Patton, Fiona – Branion