Angharad Lands


The lands of Eradain, from which the island-continent takes its name is a feudal kingdom located in the forest and river valleys between the Dagalethe and the Darken Peaks mountains. The Dagalethe Mountains form the eastern border and Eradain is firmly in control of the two primary east-west passes through that range. The northern-most is Mugna pass at the capital of Erada, which follows along the Sar River westward. Trade goods not purchased by the other Sar City States end up at Gilad for sale and export at the docks and markets of that great trade city. The southern most is Daga Pass near Dun Uisnech which leads westward to the Danrae meadowlands.

Eradain extends southward to the middle regions of the Arandil Forest where it shares an uneasy border with Haradan. Haradan slavers make frequent raids northward and possible invasion by the armies of Harad is always a threat. Much of the bounty of the rich farmland Harad desires so much is used to support the large standing military forces the southern Eradain lords maintain. Also to the south and southwest Eradain shares a border with the Avanoel an Elven kingdom. Eradain claims the lands up to the Echoriath Mountains, but in reality the wood-elves of Avanoel control the southern Dathi and Arandil Forests in a belt some 50 to 100 miles wide.

To the west Eradain stretches to the Jagged Coast and controls one of the few accessible harbors of those shores at Sea Keep. These western regions are still sparsely populated frontier lands. This, combined with pirate activity from the Tempest Isles and humanoid activity from the Darken Peaks limits Eradain’s only sea port to a modest trade city. Further to the north lie the Darken Peaks. These mountain ranges are rich in minerals, but even richer in humanoid tribes and monstrous beasts.

In the north Eradain’s territories extend to just north of the Slaine River where barbarian attacks and humanoid incursions from both the Darken Peaks and the Darken Heart Forest are a constant threat. Joint patrols by Eradain forces and the dwarves of Khuzdul keep the eastern trade roads open, but most of the territory north of the Slaine and west of the Dagalethe is wild and dangerous.


The western side of the continent is higher in elevation than the rest of the continent making Eradain generally cooler than other regions of the continent. Due to the bowl shape of the surrounding mountains all Eradain rivers flow through the central valley regions eventually joining together at Lake Erada. Adequate rainfall blows in from the Iscal Ocean from the west and Danrae irrigation techniques are more than adequate in dryer years. The Eradain rivers do occasionally flood and even change course, but most near-river cities and villages are built upon hills. Well designed levees in critical places also protect some flood plain farmlands. Eradain weather is relatively mild, spring rain and fog, warm to hot summers, fall fog and some rain, followed by winter fog and snow during Sunsebb and Fireseek. A typical Eradain fog burns off quickly in the lowland and lingers in the forests and highlands. Occasionally the whole land is wreathed in heavy fog for days at a time. Dotted throughout the land are old ruins and standing stones left from the ancients. Many of these places are still in use by followers of the Angharad religion as places of worship.

Topography Index

Following is a list of geographical features which can be found in the lands of Erada.

Lands: Bodies of Water: Mountains/Passes: Forests:
Central Eradain Lake Erada Dagalethe Mts. Dathi Forest
Jagged Coast Slaine River Daga Pass Arandil Forest
Sinann River Mugna Pass
Silver River
Lower Sinann
Lilly Lake